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The client and my role
Soul is a premium activewear brand that focuses on providing athletes and fitness enthusiasts with high-quality apparel that promotes both athletic excellence and inner balance. The brand's existing identity lacked a cohesive theme and failed to convey its core values effectively. As the creative lead responsible for the rebranding effort, I was tasked with redesigning Soul's brand identity, creating a new logo, social media templates, and print media for advertisements to elevate the brand's presence in the competitive activewear market.

Soul Billboard Design

The design solution
The reimagined brand identity for Soul aimed to blend elements of athleticism and tranquility, creating a perfect balance that resonates with the target audience. A new logo was designed, incorporating a simple, clean, and modern aesthetic. The figure's dynamic movement and calm demeanor captured the essence of Soul's core values. The color palette included vibrant shades of blue, orange and green, symbolizing energy, growth, and harmony.

Soul Instagram Post, Woman in Yoga PoseSoul Instagram Post, Woman doing Yoga pose

Design process and results
Social media templates were crafted to showcase Soul's activewear collection in action while highlighting the brand's commitment to athletic excellence and balance. The templates incorporated striking images of athletes and fitness influencers engaged in various activities, complemented by motivational quotes that encouraged a harmonious approach to fitness. Consistency in style and branding elements across all templates enhanced brand recognition and recall.

Soul Shoebox Product Mockup

short conclusion
The rebranding of Soul, with its focus on athletic excellence and balance, successfully revitalized the brand's identity and positioning in the activewear market. The new logo, social media templates, and print media advertisements effectively communicated Soul's core values, forging deeper connections with the target audience. As a result, Soul experienced increased brand awareness, improved customer engagement, and a positive impact on sales and revenue, securing its place as a preferred choice for fitness enthusiasts seeking activewear that enhances both physical performance and inner harmony.

Soul Advertising Poster on Bus Station

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