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The client and my role
Koh Phangan Adventure Co. is a tourism and experience company that focuses on providing stellar excursions in the Gulf of Thailand. The business contacted me to design and develop their new website with the task of showcasing their unique tours and scuba diving courses.
An emphasis was put on quality over quantity with a focus on environmental conservation and the possibility for customers to plant their own coral.

Mockup of Koh Phangan Adventure Co. website on different devices showing responsiveness

The design solution
The design concept was based on an already existing color palette with an emphasis put on the in-house curated underwater photography and drone footage. Balancing captivating images with a bold font that was modern, yet friendly helped to give the design an approachable and leger feeling appropriate for the wide range of target audience. Using a creative Grid system ensured that the website distinguishes itself from its competitors and achieved a good balance between images and the amount of text.

IPad Mockup of Koh Phangan Adventure Co. websiteIMac Mockup of Koh Phangan Adventure Co. website

Design process and results
Starting with a thorough discovery call and generating a list of requirements for the website I divided key elements into pages and sections. The main objective of the website was to inform potential customers and make the user experience for booking a tour as enjoyable as possible. Therefore by implementing a course specific customer form within the first month of the website launch it generated a 12% growth in customer acquisition. Furthermore an Instagram Integration enabled the company to show newly created content simultaneously on the website, enabling promotions and special offers to be posted simultaneously on social media and the website in a single post. As well as providing a FAQ section to answer the most common questions and linking to the related pages and sections.

Iphone 15 Mockup of Koh Phangan Adventure Co. website

short conclusion
The new website design gives Koh Phangan Adventure Co. a individualistic look and differentiates the company from its competitors. The custom form, social media integration and FAQ section create a smooth user experience and ease of booking, as well as dedicated pages for travelling to the store.
These results drove an increase in customer acquisition and set the stage for Koh Phangan Adventure Co. to showcase their unique excursions and create a loyal customer base for years to come.

Macbook Mockup of Koh Phangan Adventure Co. website

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