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The client and my role
INQ Online is a german based engineering office focusing on providing quality management and functional safety in the automotive industry. The businesses website was a static and unresponsive page that was outdated and failed to showcase the services and expertise of the company. As the creative lead I was in charge of redesigning the website and building an appealing user experience with intuitive design that showcases the services and past projects of the engineering office, as well as support a blog section that was backed with a custom made CMS.

Mockup of INQ Online website on different devices showing responsiveness

The design solution
The updated design for INQ Online is a clean, simple and modern look with a new color palette including deep shades of blue that resonates with the tech and automotive based industry of the client. The brief was to use mostly photography and keep it light and fun to portray the personality of the client, therefor we created an intuitive navbar with enticing titles to keep the audience engaged.

IPad Mockup of INQ Online websiteIMac Mockup of INQ Online website

Design process and results
The CMS was implemented with the goal of being user friendly and easy to learn. Therefore every new publisher should be able to create their own blog entries, projects and pages without the need of contacting a developer making website maintenance an easy to do in-house task. To achieve this every new entry has a step by step instruction with examples of content to make sure new pages are consistent with the business layout.

Iphone 15 Mockup of INQ Online website

short conclusion
The new website design successfully brought INQ Online to the forefront of automotive engineering and received praise from many industry experts and target audiences for its clean and intuitive layout. After publishing, the website quickly drove a 41.2% increase in new users, improved customer engagement and a further enhancement along its SEO Analytics.

Macbook Mockup of INQ Online website

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