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The client and my role
delish - Chocolate is a female owned premium confectionery brand that embodies the essence of indulgence and desire. With a passion for crafting exquisite chocolates, Delish aims to create a sensory experience that captivates the taste buds and leaves a lasting impression. From its inception, Delish has set out to redefine the art of chocolate-making by using only the finest ingredients sourced from around the world. With its commitment to empower all woman, delish has become synonymous with the empowerment movement in african and latin communities, offering a wide range of delectable treats that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning chocolate lover.

The client approached me to design their brand identity, Logo suite, product packaging and create some social media templates for their Facebook and Instagram account.

A packaging design for the delish chocolate wrapper smooth milk flavorA product design for the delish chocolate wrapper

The problem and my solution
The design problem for delish - Chocolate revolves around creating a brand identity that effectively communicates its intriguing and indulgent nature while captivating the target audience. The challenge lies in capturing the essence of the brand's commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and sensory pleasure, and translating it into a visually appealing and memorable design using bright oranges and warm browns. It required finding a balance between elegance and playfulness, ensuring that the design stands out in a saturated market of packaging aimed at kids while staying true to the brand's values. Additionally, my designs are adaptable across various platforms and products, maintaining consistency while allowing for versatility in showcasing the brand's diverse chocolate offerings.

A broken chocolate Bar with the delish Logo in front of it for an Instagram postA cute afro girl eating a bite of delish chocolate with the logo on the bottom left of the image

Design process and results
After conducting thorough research on the chocolate industry, target market, competitors, and current design trends I combined the brand values, unique selling points, and customer preferences of Delish Chocolate to create an identity that shows it's playful sexyness and confidence of the audience.
We set specific goals for the design, such as creating a memorable logo, selecting an appropriate color palette, and determining the visual style.
Thus we came to an elegant and stylish font with vibrant and seductive colors, combined with matching imagery and illustrations. I created polished visuals and presented them to the client, explaining my design choices and how they align with the brand's values and goals. Incorporate any feedback or revisions from the client and finalize the design.

Screenshot of Adobe Illustrator showing the work of developing the delish Logo and Brand

short conclusion
In conclusion, my design process for delish- Chocolate has build a visually captivating and cohesive brand identity that effectively communicates the brand's essence. Through thorough research, defining clear objectives, and generating multiple design assets, I have crafted a memorable logo, consistent visual elements, and a strong brand personality. These results differentiate delish - Chocolate in the market, evoke positive emotions, and contribute to a favorable brand perception. The careful execution of my designs has set the stage for delish - Chocolate to establish itself as a premium confectionery brand, captivating the target audience and fostering brand loyalty.

delish Chocolate bars in masonry grid half in their brand new orange packaging and half without packaging

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